Thursday, February 01, 2007

I wax verbose about BlogHer

In December Toby Bloomberg and I had breakfast together in D.C., and we chatted a long time about BlogHer, and about our two conferences this year.

Later Toby said "Hey, I bet a lot of other people don't know the answers to the questions I was peppering you with at breakfast either. how would you feel about recreating that conversation in a blog interview?"

I'm sure you realize that one of the beauties of blogging, and the written word in general, is that you get to go back and fine tune what you said. No "If only I said xx" or "if I could go back, I'd phrase it this way." So, no way was I going to give up the chance to go back and fine tune our breakfast conversation :)

The results are out, and yes, I'm a verbose woman. But hey, she asked!

And I answered.

Here's Part 1: The back-Story of BlogHer and why we're doing a Business Conference.

Here's Part 2: The Vision and Future Direction

Bonus: an excerpt was also posted on Marketing Profs

Thanks Toby!

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