Monday, February 19, 2007

BlogHer Business Discount and BlogHer '07 Call for Ideas

Two pieces of BlogHer news worth sharing:

1. Get $100 off the BlogHer Business full two-day conference registration price (i.e. $599) by using this code: BHBAC-DSC

As a reminder as to why you should be attending BlogHer Business this March 22/23 in New York, check out the two-day schedule:

Day One, including case studies with the Washington Post, Wells Fargo and more, plus a free-form Ask the Experts micro-consulting segment.

Day Two, featuring speakers such as Google's Marissa Mayer, Redbook editor-in-chief Stacy Morrison, iVillage President Debi Fine, and the women who manage the blog efforts for Cisco, Yahoo!, Fast Company Magazine, Weblogs Inc and Google, among many others.

Register here.

More info about the venue and planned activities can be found here.

2. Today we announced the theme, programming tracks and open call for ideas for BlogHer '07, taking place this July in Chicago. I'm just going to tease you here, because I devoted a lot of time to crafting the announcement post, so i want you all to read it! I do want to call out, though, that the Call for Ideas is open until March 16th, so please submit your ideas per the instructions in this post.

Back to our regular programming...

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