Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another blogswarm on diversity

I'm actually supposed to be posting about marketing and blogging and social media here. So, when the latest blogswarm about diversity at conferences started this week, I sighed and wondered whether, given my general lack of regular posting here, my readers would really appreciate it if the only time i did post was about this topic...yet again.

Yes, even I can get tired of the topic.

So, I decided to blog about it at length on my personal blog and just provide links here.

If, in fact, you like tor ead about the topic, and it's even one of the reasons you come here, then click on over.

If you wish I would get back to talking about what's happening outh there with blogs and marketing and customer outreach, then don't.

If I'm smart and track my referrers well, I should learn something about my Worker Bees readers :)

Link #1: I am loathing some people today, a rant about those people who are so threatened by the thought of change to the status quo that they'll say just about anything to justify it.

Link #2: I canno resist, wherein I point readers to more posts from the conference diversity blogswarm, and close by citing 3 real-life examples from conferences I attended in 2006...and how they were markedly NOT friendly to women.

Let the clicks (or non-clicks) begin!

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