Sunday, December 31, 2006

Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators of '06...

...according to Bert Decker.

Pretty great list, brings back a lot of memories of what went down this year , and how important communications are to whether things generally go over well, or not so well.

Who's gratifying to see on the list?

Well, I'm personally happy to see Jon Stewart given his props, especially for his Oscar hosting.

I'm also happy to see Nancy Grace among the worst...she radiates so much hatred I can't imagine how she ever gets her point across to someone who doesn't already share that fierce negativity.

Decker has some great things to say about former Senator George the unwise use of a single word can start a snowball effect.

And of course, it's a no-brainer choosing George Bush to be among the list. Communicator, remember. Political thoigh I may be I think Decker does a good job of taking a look at how Bush's communications skills fail him, not at whether his policies have failed.

Who's missing?

Well, if you're going to have Mel Gibson among the worst, how do you skip Michael Richards? Frankly he could have had a group "worst" award go to those people who seemed to forget what century we're living in when it came to their intolerant utterances.
And I think one has to give Al Gore his props. He is the most unlikely of movie stars and communications stars this year. And serving a very important greater good. He belongs on the Best list.

Who's unexpected?

Well, I'm sure the Angelina Jolie choice is surprising, as is, I have to say, the Nancy Pelosi choice. I've seen Pelosi speak, and she is powerful and very succinct and precise...this is not a woman who wastes time with poetry...she gets right down to brass tacks. I like it, but if you listened only to the media what words would you associate with her communications style? My guess is that a lot of people think she's "strident" or "brassy" whether they've ever actually heard a word she says!

Who would you add, to either list?

Hat tip: Guy Kawasaki (who happens to be on the list!)

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