Thursday, December 07, 2006

Switching to Feedburner: Please change feed URL

OK, so I'm sorry to do this to you, but I have finally decided to use Feedburner to consolidate my feeds.

I was under the impression that with Feedburner users who subscribed via other feed URLs would be redirected to the Feedburner URL. Unfortunately that's true for some platforms, but not for Blogger.

So, much as I didn't intend for this to happen I have to ask you to change your subscription feed URL to my new Feedburner feed URL:

For Bloglines users to switch click here.

For My Yahoo subscribers to switch click here.

For NewsGator subscribers to switch click here.

For NetVibes subscribers to switch click here.

For Google Reader subscribers click here.

Of course you can all simply go to where your reader stores the feed URL and switch to, but hopefully those above links make it easier.


I'd love to see a follow-up post on how you're liking FeedBurner, I'm considering making the move myself.
Well, the biggest bummer is that they have an automated re-direct feature for Typepad blogs, but not for blogger blogs.

So I put this post up, but I don't think many people have made the switch. This is why I didn't switch a lot earlier. I only did at this time because of BlogHerAds.

Other than that, I really haven't messed with it much yet. Seems to have some cool add-on features, but I'm still just using the basics.
Elisa, I have good news on Bloglines for you.

A while I go, I was switching/consolidating feeds for a client. We contacted Bloglines, and they *changed* the feed for us in current subscriptions from their back end for us -- and they were also a pleasure to deal with.

So Bloglines at least may be possible to change via their tech support, and the other services may be worth making an inquiry about, too.
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