Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sigh. Another ManFest.

This is the next conference schedule from an organization who has said they're doing just fine with recruiting women speakers. You do the math. (And don't forget to subtract the women who are participating as part of a paid CEO Showcase opportunity.)

Regular price: $2495

Early bird pricing that they've emailed me at least 4 times about, telling me it's my "last chance" to get: $1675

Knowing that calls for feedback and suggestions on the schedule are pure lip service: Priceless

Hi, Elisa. I am posting this as a comment because I cannot find your e-mail link.

I just added the BlogHerRoll to my blog, using the javascript code you provide, and now I am trying to figure out how to add MY blog to the BlogHerRoll! :)

My blog is Liberty Street.
Sort of makes me want to sing a chorus of .. "Where the boys are someone waits for me." Except I rather doubt that these guys are waiting for anyone who is not in their 'Good old boy network.' Sad. Very sad.
Kathy: I've added you to that blog roll, but I suggest you also go to the BlogHer site, become a member and list your blogs there. That is actually much more current than the bloglines blog roll that I still have on my site!
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