Saturday, December 30, 2006

The New York Times helps bloggers everywhere

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Apparently the New York Times has finally seen fit to provide Permalinks for their articles that do not expire after one week, ever to languish behind a firewall of pay-per-use.

This is wonderful news for bloggers, although I had been getting around the problem handily by using the NY Times Link generator site.

How to find your Permalinks:

On the article page you want to reference, find the sidebar box that says "E-mail, Print, Single Page, Reprints, Save, Share".  Click on "Share" which will open up a few more links.  Click on "Permalink" and a small window will show up with the permalink you can use for your online article.  According to the NYT, "Using this link will ensure access to the article, even after it becomes part of the NYT archive." 

Thanks to Elise Bauer for the heads up and for the succinct instructions.

To quote Elise (because I agree with her) "It's about time!"

Just out of curiosity, here are three permalinks to compare...and i plan to compare them again in a week:

Article about Saddam's hanging:

NYT-provided permalink:

NYT Link Generator Permalink:

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