Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm hosting Carnival of the Capitalists next Monday...

...yes, that's Christmas Day.

Don't ask me what inspired me to volunteer for it on that day. I guess I just wanted to be the current embodiment of that cheesy TV movie where all the Jews worked on Christmas so the Christians could have the day off. Anyone remember that? Google even let me down on that one.

Anyway, if you want to participate, here are the deets:

Description: Modeled after the Carnival of the Vanities, this carnival is intended to be a "Best Of the Blogosphere" for posts covering business, economics, stocks, accounting, taxes, business law, and related topics.
Submission deadline: Sunday, 3pm ET That would be 12PM Pacific/3PM Eastern on Christmas Eve.)

And where do you go to submit: to BlogCarnival.com.

So, lay 'em on me. I want those posts from folks who've got nowhere to go on Christmas Eve...apparently like I thought I'd be!

Hey Elisa!

Long time.... :-)

Yeah, that has me stumped, too (movie). I can tell you that we really did do that a couple of years (something we set up through the Temple we belonged to at the time), and it was a terrific experience.

Have a great Christmas &/or Chanukah, and I'll send in a post for the carnival.
Hey, nice to hear from you. Wow, you're the current embodiment too :)

I look forward to your post.
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