Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gots to do some BlogHer bragging

OK, there is no resisting. It is, in fact, futile. I must brag on several cool BlogHer happenings:

1. We were asked to write a Manifesto for ChangeThis. And it has been published here. You can also download the PDF directly here. It is a piece about women changing theer own worlds and the world around them via blogging, and was inspired by our Opening Keynote at BlogHer '06. Please download, share, email and generally distribute to your heart's content.

The 2006 Weblog Awards2. BlogHer was nominated for a 2006 Weblog Award as a Best Online Community...which thrills us no end. Why? Because it is the community that drives what we do, because "community" is one of the prongs of BlogHer's Misson. So, please, vote, vote, vote, because our competition is stiff:

Townhall Blogatorium
Oh No They Didn't!
The Daily Kos
Street Prophets
Free Republic
Book Crossing

Gee, Fark, DailyKos, we even stand a chance? Only if you vote! Voting is supposed to start literally any time now and last until only December 15th. We appreciate anything you can do to help us avoid getting trounced.

3. Finally, a little BlogHer do-goodism has turned into a real deal. Check out the heartwarming story of how a BlogHer PSA became a big, fat donation in the latest Mommy & Family Newsletter (and please subscribe if you haven't already.) Here's the link to The Find's press release on this. So, a free PSA has turned into a deal that will garner the bloggers some revenue and will result in potentially a $10K donation to Doctors Without Borders. I think it rocks, and illustrates pretty well the whole women bloggers can change the world theme of our ChangeThis Manifesto!

So, I've shoved as much bragging as I possibly can in one post. Let's move on :)

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