Saturday, December 16, 2006

Authors monitoring blogs

If you go to me Vegan/Wedding blog you'll find a story about an author IM'ing me upon reading a comment I made about their book on my blog.

As I note in this story: perhaps the IM was not altruistic or without an agenda. But even if the real goal was to get me to blog about their book again (which I did) I think it was very smart marketing. Of course it was: it worked; I blogged about it again!

This is now part of the story of my wedding planning. It will become part of my word-of-mouth schtick. It makes this one book standout from the others. Both in my own mind, and surely in the minds of those to whom I tell the story.

All because they set up some ego-feeds, and had a 1-minute IM exchange with me.

Pretty low investment. Pretty good bang for the buck.

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