Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thoughts on Web 2.0

I spent one day amidst the Web 2.0 hubbub and had the following completely random thoughts:

-Microphones for audience comments and questions, folks, PLEASE! SXSW had this problem back in March, and Hugh told me it was one of the most common pieces of feedback he got...so he's fixing it for next year. Web 2.0 should fix it too. This is an interactive world, give in to it! Relish it. It really really REALLY makes sessions more lively and interesting. The BlogHer panel rocked, and you can attribute that not only to the great women on the panel, but the great questions and comments from the audience.

-Skip trying to get into the main session room...especially if Google is sponsoring the Overflow Lounge. Rather than squeeze up against hundreds of other people in an overheated, over-crowded ballroom, hang out on the comfy couches and chairs in the lounge, use the free WIFI, and even eat the food and drink...they brought a mini-cafeteria from the Google campus. Definitely a relaxing and productive way to watch the big-name speakers.

-Barry Diller gave me the major quotable I walked away with, mostly because it was most applicable to my current state as co-founder of a bootstrapping start-up. He gave advice to a budding entrepreneur saying that if he could hold on to his company, he should hold on to it. "Don't get me wrong" he said "I'd sell you on selling it if I wanted it, but if you can hold on to it, I say ride it as far as you can." Interesting advice, particularly given the fact that we do indeed seem to be in a mini-Web 2.0-funding-bubble.

I saw a lot of folks, and a lot of the same folks as I see at other events. But with such a large crowd there were certainly lots of new faces too. In fact it was a bit overwhelming. Solution: the comfortable dimly lit Google Overflow Lounge. Did I say that already? We so need to get them to do that at BlogHer!

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