Monday, November 06, 2006

Speaking at The Art of the Start this week

Have I ever told the story about when my S.O. was most impressed with me?

Well, as a die-hard, long-time Mac developer and a lover of all things Apple the S.O. was only really impressed once I told him that Guy Kawasaki was a friend of BlogHer. I'm not going to name-drop any other folks I've rubbed elbows with via BlogHer, but they are all nothing to my S.O. anyway. (Sorry everyone else.)

So, tomorrow I should probably ask the S.O. for something big, because he'll be so impressed with me he's bound to be dazzled and give in. Yes, I am speaking at one of Guy's (and's) Art of the Start day-long conferences. Oh, see, the S.O. knew I was attending, but it wasn't until today that he clued in to the fact that I was actually on a panel (with another friend of BlogHer, Mary Hodder.)

What shall I ask for? Hmm. The engagement ring is already ordered and en route, and there's nothing much bigger than that. Damn. I'm out of ideas.

God knows what I'll get if I meet the Steves (Jobs or Wozniak, that is.)

PS-the panel should be really interesting. When speaking to the moderator to prepare it was clear that BlogHer's story is quite a bit different than any other company on that panel. I suspect people will be intrigued...and think we were insane when we were starting out!

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