Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm a People person

I was much surprised this morning to learn from a San Francisco colleague that Jory, Lisa and I, representing BlogHer of course, were included on a list of "The people who populate Web 2.0 in a San Francisco Chronicle story this morning.

In addition to the "People who populate" piece, it kooks like the Chron has done an entire series on Web 2.0 and "Digital Utopians", I assume in honor of the Web 2.0 Conference which starts this Tuesday. The other parts of the series are:

A more democratic world envisioned
What exactly does Web 2.0 mean? Well..
Web 2.0 words -- from ajax to wiki
Key Web 2.0 sites

I guess it would be fitting for me to mention at this point that BlogHer is presenting a workshop at Web 2.0 this Tuesday. How did that happen? Well, we emailed John Battelle suggesting that O'Reilly events had gotten a lot of flack in the past for their lack of gender diversity, and that we thought he should do what Hugh Forrest from SXSW Interactive did...have BlogHer produce a track of sessions.

It's not like Hugh had that BlogHer track idea, after all, we suggested it to him, and he was up for it. We figured, what the hell, can't hurt to ask.

So, a whole track we didn't get, but John responded immediately offering us a workshop of our own...and as seems to be common practice now, at least with the last few conferences I've attended/spoken at, he was hands-off when it came to content and speakers. We could do literally whatever we wanted.

So, here's what we came up with:

Title: BlogHer Presents...World Domination via Collaboration
Description: Many companies focus on building community to “leverage” it, skipping a crucial step: Collaborating with users to build a product or experience that dominates the market because it's great. It is possible to strike that balance: Building community, maintaining credibility, meeting organizational objectives. Meet company leaders whose models are steeped in user collaboration.
Moderator: Jory Des Jardins, BlogHer
Caterina Fake, Flickr/Yahoo
Jessica Hardwick, SwapThing
Lisa Stone, BlogHer
Jenna Woodul, LiveWorld

We've got the Tuesday right-before-lunch slot (which is better than any right-after-lunchl-slot, don't you think?)

I'm looking forward to being an enthusiastic observer, rather than a participant in this one.

Guess you won't be liveblogging the BlogHer session? I look forward to your after-the-fact report.

I'm not surprised you three made the "people who populate web 2.0" list. I love that you come at it from a different direction than most of that population.

Have a great time at the conference.
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