Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wow. First time ever. Left something on a plane. My working notebook.

And I'm devastated.

I know I shouldn't get so upset. And I'm not even upset about the weeks and weeks (and probably months) worth of notes in there, because it's not like I go back and look at it just to marvel at my own brilliant thoughts and organizational skills.

No, the bad part is losing all of my current thoughts, notes, to-do lists, voicemail messages hastily written down while on the road and then deleted.

I have never, in my 40 years of plane travel, left something on a plane before. (Now granted, for the first 15 of those years the worst I could leave would be a crossword puzzle magazine or something equally trivial.)

But over the last two days I was gone from home for only 43 hours...over 21 hours spent in Minneapolis...and over 21 hours spent in the actual door-to-door travel. We're talking cancelled flights at 6AM on Tuesday and delayed flights at 8PM on Wednesday. Somewhere in all that I clearly got a little fuzzy-brained.

So, while I managed to remember by logic puzzle magazine, I managed to leave my notebook. Either in the seat pocket or actually in the seat. (I had an upgrade to First Class, so the seats are actually wide enough where that might go unnoticed.)

I still keep looking around and around, unable to believe I did this.

So many lists.

OK everyone: give me the silver lining, because I'm feeling pretty bummed right now.

PS-I was in Minneapolis speaking at the Minneapolis Interactive Marketing Assn. Annual Summit. More on that was a great event for the short time I was there. They obviously have a large, creative community, there were about 400 attendees! And I have never seen so many cool eyeglasses in one place as at this conference!

I wish I could give you the silver lining, but all I can think is "oh, how horrible!" But then again, anything you actually needed to get done from out of the voicemail messages and to-do lists will undoubtedly come back to mind pretty soon. :)
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