Monday, October 02, 2006

Carnival of the Capitalists up at My 1st Million at 33

Yes, that is the name of the blog...My 1st Million at 33.

Anyway, blogger Frugal hosts this week's Carnival of the Capitalists. The format is pretty much listing in the order received, including my own little post about the value of submitting work to online publications over print publications.

A couple of other submissions leapt out at me:

David Maister's post entitled Us and Them. Maister considers himself an individualist before being part of any group. And he thinks that the tendency of the human race to fall into group think (along numerous lines from race to gender to religion to nationality) is what leads to many of the word's problems. I may agree on that last point, but what such individualism always fails to take into account is that whether or not we seek to be identified or think of ourselves as part of whatever group...those looking upon us (and hiring us, and serving us in restaurants, and lending us money, etc. etc. etc.) do see us as part of some of those groups. And this may have positive or negative consequences, depending no the specific dynamics. Someone in his comments called banding together into groups a survival mechanism of our species. Despite the modernity of our culture, I would say this still holds surprisingly true.

A fascinating guest post at Queercents from Tired But Happy about whether even straight couples should pursue the antiquated concept of marriage! Tired But Happy's story sounds similar to ours in one key way: My S.O. used to work at a company that covered health care for domestic partners of any stripe. When he moved to another major high tech company we discovered they only offered domestic partner coverage to same-sex partners, not opposite-sex partners. That has resulted in an additional $4K-$5K per year expense for me. That is non-trivial to me in case you're wondering! So, having just gotten engaged I have to say that when TBH lays out the downside of non-marriage in the financial sense: the impact on health benefits and decisions, inheritance issues and Social Security issues, it reminds me why, after seven years in a relationship, there were many practical reasons for wanting to get married.

So check out the Carnival and see what catches your eye.

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