Friday, September 15, 2006

Quick link: Chris Messina spends a day at the white man's club

Well, not exactly, but he does muse on the subject of diversity and power in this awesome post, The Future of White Boy Clubs.

Miss Rogue must be proud of her PIC today.

The one pessimistic thing I'll say: it will be a wonderful day when we allow those outside the club to talk about the club without accusing them of having a victim mentality.

I'd like to see more diversity not only in things you were born with (race, gender) but also in things you choose (Mac/PC, Democrat/Republican). I'm surrounded by Mac users who are Democrats. And its pushed me to get a Mac and be more likely to vote Democrat. That lack of diversity is dangerous because it can change others, leading to even less diversity.
Amit, that's an interesting take on it. It's well known that we are strongly influenced in product and service choices by what those that we know and trust recommend. Is that homogenization or capitalism at work :)

As a Democrat and Mac user I welcome you ot our cult!
Hey Marnie, thanks for picking up my post.

I completely agree with your pessimistic observation (which is actually more realistic). But that point is exactly why I had to say something about it -- and which I hope more white boys feel compelled to speak up.

I don't want or deserve a "hero cookie" (as Shelley implies) because it's something that anyone should be able to talk about, regardless of their own gender, race, creed, platform, etc. But, realistically, we're not there yet, so we'll just have to keep plodding on, doing whatever's within our power to make the situation better.
Agree, Chris. BTW-this is Elisa, not Marnie ;)
Whoops! :#)

Sorry about that! My bad!
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