Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NetSquared session audio recording is online

Tara Hunt, Chris Messina and I were part of a panel (immoderated by Marnie Webb) at the NetSquared Conference about distributed grassroots marketing. The audio recording is online here.

This was, according to some third party accounts, an entertaining and informative session. I showed examples of how BlogHer encouraged its community to feel part of the process of putting on the conference, and how we supported and engaged with our community as they created everything from actual conference programming to online logo mash-ups.

Tara introduced the crowd at NetSquared to her Pinko Marketing theory.

Chris discussed how the Firefox developer and user community exemplify the best of open source potential: both from a product and marketing perspective.

(Now, those are my memories of what we talked about...it would be interesting for me to go listen to the recording and see how memory relates to reality...it was 3 months ago, after all.)

We also got some interesting questions from the crowd, so check it out.

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