Tuesday, September 12, 2006

BlogHer Business '07 Call for Ideas: Speakers, Session Ideas, Experts & Gurus

BlogHer Business is still over six months away, but we're getting into gear now.

I just created a new BlogHer Business '07 page on the BlogHer site, and issued a Call for Ideas.

Key excerpt:
We are looking for the following:

Session ideas, with a focus on practical application more than theory

Speaker submissions...suggest yourself or someone else, along with areas of expertise.

Gurus or experts for a potential "Ask the Experts" segment.


Please send your ideas on any of the above. The first, soft deadline is Friday, October 13th, because we'd like to publish a basic schedule in October, and because I like Friday the 13ths.

Please spread the word...and if you don't come to us, we'll be on the look-out for you!

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