Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blogging Basics in Myrtle Beach

This was the view I had to compete with this week when I presented to the Coastal Advertising and Marketing Professionals group in Myrtle Beach, SC this week. Myrtle Beach seems pretty lovely this time of year...must be a good September vacation spot.

Unfortunately I spent about the same time actually in Myrtle Beach that I spent in door-to-door travel getting there and back...about 18 hours for each.

Since presenting on how blogs are changing communications to the National Conference of the American Advertising Federation in San Francisco this past May I have received several invitations to bring the presentation to local ad clubs around the country. Here's something all we blogvangelists should note: whether at the national conference or at these local clubs, the adoption rate on blogging is very low, and the adoption rate of even reading blogs is only moderate. There is a ton of growth to come in this area.

Why am I confident there is so much room for growth, and that the growth will happen?

Because people get excited when they hear about blogs...they see a tool with which they can be creative about their communications and with which they can try new ideas and messages. The promise of blogging is that it lets non-programmers and non-coders get in the game. And the promise is also that they can experiment with less of an investment than it takes to experiment in other media.

Hearing about blogging and its potential makes little lightbulbs go off over every head in the can see the wheels turning as they imagine what they would talk to their customers about with a little more freedom and a little more informality.

I may start such presentations surprised that there are still so many, even in the advertising and marketing profession, who are unfamiliar with blogs, but I always end such presentations excited by the questions and ideas that come flowing back from such groups.

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