Friday, August 04, 2006

Through new eyes...

I was never really a meeting panner or event manager before BlogHer. I worked with folks on events, but it wasn't my job.

I've often heard bloggers, most recently Millie, say that blogging makes them look at everything through new eyes. I agree. And since BlogHer I now look at events and meetings through new eyes too.

I'm currently at the Crowne Plaza Burlingame for a California Democratic Party Executive Board meeting (I represent my assembly district.) There are numerous caucus meetings this afternoon with official business starting a little later.

So first hiccup is that they changed the schedule without sending out a notification. So I showed up at 1PM but discovered that the caucus schedule had changed, so that my first "scheduled" caucus wasn't until 4PM. I definitely could have used another three hours working at home.

So then I figured I'd buy myself lunch in the cafe. The cafe was only half full, but the maitre d' told me it would be a very long wait since they were so busy. I looked rather skeptically at the many open tables, and he assured me the kitchen was all backed up.

He recommended I walk down the street to Max's Cafe...which i did somewhat begrudgingly.

And all I could think was: dude didn't you know all these folks were coming??

Oh well, I'm visiting caucuses I usually dont't visit, since I'm here. I caught the end of the Arab-American caucus, and now I'm in the LGBT caucus meeting.

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