Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Podcast Interview with Inside Innovators from Guidewire Group

Did a podcast with the lovely and talented Cathy Brooks of Guidewire Group late last week. All about BlogHer.

Here's the link to their page, and directly to the audio file.

Let me tell you what really struck me about this interview though. We were sitting in a Starbucks on a busy Friday morning, fairly near the serving area. Yes, we did stop when they were grinding coffee beans or running blenders. But basically we carried on despite milk being steamed, orders being called out and people talking around us.

I kept asking Cathy: is this really going to come out OK?

She said "trust me." And so I should have, because it sounds amazingly clean and clear. Thanks to the uni-directonal microphone.

What will they think of next?

PS-Somehow I ended up referring to "vaginas" during the podcast, which I surely think is a first for me in a professional setting! I like what the content is of the sentence in question, but I'm still wondering...should I stick to the wording I used...which is punchy, attention-getting, truthful, a real quotable sound bite, frankly, but perhaps a tad shocking (sure, we can argue the politics of why naming a body part is shocking later) or should I find a different way to say the same thing?

See, see how I'm enticing you to actually listen to the podcast?

What you didn't say, because of course you're humble, is that you are a stellar interview! Besides Eve Ensler, I don't know many folks who can get away with saying the word vagina, either (-:
You're too kind, Cathy, thank you! It's probably the most fun I've had doing an interview :)
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