Thursday, July 20, 2006

AWOL for a good cause: BlogHer '06 is a week away

So you may or may not have noticed by prolonged absence from regular blogging. Many of you may have guessed it's because preparation for BlogHer Conference '06 is currently all-consuming.

It's a week away, and things are coming along nicely, but it's all the little things that I'm stressing over and worried about missing.

Here's a good example. Of course we have the obligatory totebag filled with sponsor goodies. Last year we had 300 attendees, a totebag stuffing party at my house and spent literally hours messing around with them. This year, with more than double the attendance, we looked around and found a wonderful option. A company in Concord, CA that hires people with disabilities and offers services such as bag-stuffing. Very reasonably priced. So, awesome, we decide to go for it.

Much communication back and forth with all of the sponsors providing stuffers, instructing them quite diligently to ship directly to this bag-stuffing company.

Until yesterday we realized that we had never told the company providing the bag itself this whole brilliant plan!!! They had boxes of bags in their storage room and thought we were going to come over and stuff them on their site. (Nice of SixApart to be willing to accommodate that I must say.)

Anyway, all's well that ends well; we caught it in time. Big sigh of relief. But how many other little details are out there waiting to trip us up?

In the meantime we've been getting some nice pre-BlogHer buzz, courtesy of:

The Boston Globe

The San Francisco Chronicle

and the BlogME Mixer meme.

Check it all out!

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