Sunday, July 02, 2006

Article about blogging (and a little on BlogHer)

A couple of months ago Jory spoke at an event for the Bay Area BusinessWoman Expo about media. She was on a panel along with some TV, radio and print folks representing new media. For most of the small business owners in the audience Jory's talk was the most intriguing. New media seems the most accessible...vs.trying to get a TV segment done on your business, for example...but it also was a bit of a foreign concept to most of the people there.

So the online arm of the group wrote an article about blogging, both as a general introduction and to emphasize how rapidly women are adopting this "new" technology.

Check out Women's Voices Boom in the Blogosphere, by Rose Aguilar.

BlogHer Britt Bravo is quoted, as am I. I'm glad she used my quote about women becoming fascinated by the technologies they're using:

"We have found that women who start blogging become fascinated by the technology,” says Elisa Camahort, co-founder of BlogHer. “These are women who’ve become extremely techno savvy in the online world and that’s going to have an impact on companies. Women have been a big part of driving this technological development."

It was also nice to get a plug in for the conference. Hopefully the article strikes a nice balance, making blogging seem simple to adopt, but powerful.

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