Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Have Money, Will Vlog

Wanted to pass on this info from friend of BlogHer and Video Goddess, Ryanne Hodson:
I have just helped build and launch the site Have Money Will Vlog,a site built to fund videobloggers' projects.

The idea is that through a conscious choice to help fund independent media makers and video artists through small increments, $10, $20, $30 etc. we can put our money behind media that we want to see. Instead of spending $10 at the movies, spend $10 on a videoblogger! 100 people giving $10 is $1000 that can go a long way for a videoblogger.

Check out our first project, Human Dog: American King, to be funded at the site.

-Give us feedback/bug reports.
-Donate (as little as $10!)
-Send us a project idea you want funded.

Our About page will give you more info about how this works and what we're all about.

OK, I put my money where my blog is and donated a small amount. How about you?

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