Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A blog marketer who's getting it right

It's a lot easier sometimes to point out what's wrong...in life, wiht the world, with marketing, with the blogosphere. But it's good, just every now and then, to point to someone who is doing it right.

Meet Victoria Tsigonis from NYC "digital agency", WiredSet.

Victoria first emailed me a few weeks or even a couple of months ago. She thought, because of the writing I do on my 42nd St. Moon blog that I might be interested in a PBS series about the "Legends of Jazz."

What she did right? Well, she mentioned which blog she found me through. She mentioned why she thought I would be interested in the series. She provided lots of links to more info (and did not attach any annoying attachments!)

Still, I was only tangentially interested, didn't plan to watch the series, and didn't even respond.

A couple of weeks later Victoria emailed me again. She did reiterate that she'd love my opinion on the Legends of Jazz series or web site, but that she had a new project she thought was up my alley. This time it was a new Harry Connick Jr. album, "Harry on Broadway Act1." She included song clips. She offered to send me the album. She told me she would continue to forward me things she thought would be of interest, and she asked me for any feedback or suggestions or opinions I had.

So, she kept doing the right things, like personalization, even better relevance, openness to feedback.

I, again, didn't respond. I kept the emails...even in my Inbox, not in a file, but I didn't respond.

But today she emailed me a third time, and the third time was the charm.

See I recently wrote my review of the Tony Awards. In the review I commented that Harry Connick Jr. seemed a little uncomfortable.

Victoria emailed me again:
Thanks for posting about the Tony Awards! Its great that you posted how you honestly felt about the Awards and their winners! I was wondering if there is the possibility to post up some song clips from Harry's latest album to give your readers the opportunity to hear for themselves. Thanks for your time and enjoy the clips once again!

I had to give Victoria props. She clearly is still following my blog. (Or at least ego-searching for her clients.) And best of all, she is approaching me with respect and pleasantness. (You would be surprised the marketers who approach bloggers with, instead, a sense of entitlement and obnoxiousness!)

As far as I'm concerned, Victoria is doing her job and doing it well. She is persistent, but patient. If I wanted her to stop emailing me I could certainly tell her, but until I do, she is sending me info, not too often, and not too off my subject matter, and she is providing me with the tools to write about her clients if I so choose.

So, I finally did.

And I agreed to review the album.

And she singlehandedly turned me from a disinterested and non-responsive target to an engaged blogger who will end up blogging about her client not once, but twice, when all is said and done.

And that makes this a story about good marketing.

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