Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Guy who gets it (and a diversion into commenting policies)

Not to beat the Kawasaki drum too hard, but I posted over at BlogHer about meeting Guy Kawasaki over breakfast yesterday. I have both needled and praised Guy, but the bottom line is that I'm a fan.

And more so now.

Check out his post about BlogHer. Short but sweet.

But also...check out his comments. Guy is doing something really interesting there, and something I can't remember seeing other bloggers do:

When someone questions or challenges him in a comment, he actually edits the comment to post his reply at the bottom. Now, I think it's clearly identified as such, and that it makes the conversation seem much more logical. I often get frustrated trying to even follow active commenting threads. Since Guy makes a point of actually responding actively to his commenters this at least makes that portion of his comment threads crystal clear.

So, will it catch on? Will purists say he's "altering content"? I'm quite sure he doesn't care if they do, but I'm curious what you think.

I think the way Guy is editing the comments by adding his comment to the end is fine. But it is a little confusing when one comment has two people talking in it.

I'm using serendipity ( software which allows threaded comments. It gives the same results as what Guy is doing without needing to touch the other people's comments.
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