Friday, May 26, 2006

De-nise, De-nise, De-nise is on fire!

Denise Howell is on a blogging roll these past two days.

First, visit her over at Corante, where she pretty much skewers the NY Times column entitled Interns? Bloggers need not apply..

See the article pretty much assumes this is a generational issue of young people being all personal and transparent on their blogs, and having it backfire. Denise accurately points out the tiny little fact that there are plenty of us grown people talking about our pet peeves, our weekend escapades and our orgasms online. (That's the royal "our", as I never blog about my orgasms.)

This came up at SXSW when we were talking about our BlogHer survey about the boundaries between the personal and professional in blogging. Someone in the audeince made the very incisive point that in the not-too-distant future the people in charge will be people who are used to being able to read someone's blog and get the sense of who they are. They will be suspicious of those without a transparent online presence!

But to Denise's point about the cliche of thinking this only applies to the quite young...sorry, but some of those who have been Dooced, including Irma La Dooce herself, are not 21 year old college kids. Sheesh!

Then, to top off a good week's work, Denise dissects the Apple vs. Does decision at her own Bag and Baggage. (That's the one where Apple was suing a couple of blogs to try to find out who their sources were for some posts revealing info pre-public announcement. Looks like it's good news for bloggers on this one.

So, Denise, I hope you're taking the weekend off, because you were a busy and brilliant blogger this week!

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