Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cross-post: BlogHer(s) in the News: Contra Costa Times article, audio interview and online Q&A Tuesday morning

Ignore the scary photo, and check out this lengthy feature on women blogging and BlogHer in today's Contra Costa Times. (The CCTimes is like the SJ Mercury for the East Bay.) The writer, Jessica Guynn, spent an inordinate amount of time working on the article...more than two months...and it shows.

She quotes notable blog commentators like Clay Shirky, danah boyd, Jeneane Sessum and Rebecca Blood. To play up the local angle she also interviewed numerous BlogHers who live in the East Bay, including Maria Niles, Britt Bravo and Melinda Casino.

Ms. Guynn also conducted an audio interview with us that can be found here.

And the Times kindly printed representative samples of our blogging here. (Yes, the formatting on that link is odd. The excerpts are from me, then Lisa, then Jory respectively.)

Lastly, the Times has planned an online Q&A with us for Tuesday morning from 10AM-12PM. You can start submitting questions now, actually, and here is where you go to submit them, and then to come back on Tuesday morning to see what we say. We invite you to come participate, so we don't feel lonely!

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