Saturday, April 08, 2006

"Built Like a Woman. Thinks Like a Man."

OK, I just have to rant about a billboard I saw whilst in NYC making my way toward the airport and my way back home. It's been bugging me for a week now.

The billboard was an ad for talk radio's "The Radio Chick." Flickr has let me down, as I can find no photos of it there or via Google, but let me describe it. A woman from the waist up, arms folded in a "no-nonsense" stance, and she's got a bit of cleavage showing.

The billboard copy: "Built like a woman. Thinks like a man."

WTF? Can I tell you my head just about exploded?

Let's start with the fact that the word "Built" is right there at bust level on the billboard. Subtle much? Besides, are we really still using the word "built" to describe a great rack? Ha!

Now, is it only my socialization that led me to assume that by saying "Thinks like a man" they were trying to send the message that this woman, despite the overflow of estrogen that might be polluting her blood stream, still manages to rise above that to be rational and kudos to her? I don't think so. That is definitely one woman who felt she had to become one of the boys to be a successful woman. Even if that includes insulting the intelligence of every woman out there. I presume her radio station's demographic is about 99% 18-24 year old boys?

What surprises me more is that I can't find any other bloggers who have even commented on how offensive this billboard is. I only found this one. Right on sister.

Am I missing some other possible interpretation of this billboard.? Really. Please share if you can think of one.

I certainly don't condone the "built like a woman" part, or at least the juxtaposition with the photo.

But "thinks like a man"? That sounds like more of an insult. Would you ever tell a woman she thinks like a man? I mean, we're not that smart or rational most of the time. :)
I always appreciate your views on the human race, Larry :)

In this case I would have to believe they're telling their audience, a bunch of guys, that she thinks like a man...and that these guys are not quite so enlightened as you!
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