Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blog released by captors

Well, after three urgent emails to sales, support and the general info email, and after 2 frantic posts on their forums, and after several posts on a couple of blogs...oh, and after 6 full days...Lifli responded to my anguished cries for help about my personal blog suddenly held hostage by an invalid "trial version" designation.

They replied to my first email, had the good sense to apologize for the delay, and gave me a registration code that fixed everything.

Unfortunately for them my iBlog story is forever changed. While I used to talk only about how iBlog came along (via Apple) and got me really going on blogging because they provided that clean, easy WYSIWYG interface, now the story will evolve to include the fact that they are a really small company, not backed by Apple anymore really, and you sometimes take your chances on support.

Too bad really. But 6 full days. Come on.

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