Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blog held hostage

Weirdest thing happening today.

My personal blog is published using a software called iBlog, created by a company called Lifli.

I downloaded iBlog about 3 years ago, as it was offered as a free benefit for getting a dotMac membership. It's a desktop application, which then publishes via my dotMac account.

Over the years I have downloaded upgrades without incident and have the most recent software release version (which was distributed in November 2005.)

I published a post as recently as yesterday, but today when I tried to publish one of my much-anticipated American Idol recaps, i get a message saying my "trial version" of iBlog has expired and I need to go to their site and purchase a license.


OK, so Apple introduced a new software app to enable easy blogging at MacWorld in January. Maybe Lifli is feeling a little pissy about it. But I don't think that gives them a license to suddenly require a new license from long-time users. Or to hold blogs hostage.

I am extremely disconcerted by this development. It's not the $20 they want for the application, but the fact that I don't get why they think they're entitled to it, and why they think they can just arbitrarily do such a thing without notice or warning.

This would pretty much define a boner customer service move, guys.

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