Thursday, April 06, 2006

Blog Held Hostage: Day Two

More than 24 hours have passed and no one from Lifli has responded to my urgent message about my personal blog. They are suddenly asking me to pay for a new license key for the software. This is a software that was provided to me by Apple upon renewing my dotMac membership a few years ago. I've used it happily (and upgraded it regularly) since then, without ever encountering a problem. I received no communications that some change to my status as a customer was changing (nor, however, would I consider it fair, even if they had communicated with me.)

I've evangelized the use of iBlog to Mac users, especially beginners who want to get into blogging in a really user-friendly way.

I feel a tad betrayed right now. And like my 3-year old blog, which gets more traffic than any other blog I write, including this one, is being held hostage.

I also posted my problem to an iBlog Forum, and again no one responded in the last 24 hours. Although it's pretty likely that the moderators of this Forum aren't actually Lifli employees, I don't really know.

So what do I do next?

Frankly this is exactly the kind of little thing that gets my panties in a twist. This is exactly the kind of thing that would make me go to great lengths to avoid giving them the stupid $19.99 for a license...when they don't have any right to it.

What would y'all do?

Hi Elisa
Sorry to hear about your blog problem, know what you mean about the princple.

Looking at the post by icerabbit on the forum you mentioned, he does imply that a registration with the forum is a registration with Lifli, so it implies he is an employee.

Whay not ask him direct? There are a lovely lot of stalking mechanisms along the bottom of his post... MSN, ICQ, AOL Messenger, Forum PM.

Ironically, there's a post about customer care on his personal blog....
oooh. BlogStalking! I love it!

My latest solution is to change my system date to pre-problem. Publish my posts, then change the date back.

Given the principle involved (and their total lack of customer service thus far) I would rather do that FOREVER and have every post dated April 4th 2006 then buy their damn license :)
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