Monday, April 24, 2006

Anyone else having trouble with Blogger?

Yes, I'm sure you'll ask what I'm still doing on Blogger, but as I am, the point is moot for today.

Today Blogger doesn't seem to want to publish anything.

We have this new bloggers' session at BlogHer entitled Blog in a Box. Given that the majority of attendees are not complete blog virgins, the skew of the session will probably change a bit to help bloggers who consider themselves rank beginners to take it up a notch.

I have shied away from shifting any of my Blogger blogs to another tool, convinced it will be miserable, risky, and disruptive to my readers.

I think the Blog in a Box session leaders could help people like me decide once and for all whether switching is worth it.

Given my publishing issues this morning, I'm considering it more than ever.

It just came back for me about 1/2 hour ago after being down since 6am ET.
I got truly fed up with Blogger a few months ago. was ready to push the button and say: find me at wordpress from now on.

And then I thought about it. For those of us who know little about html and css and the coding behind designing our blogs, we need blogger or typepad or wordpress. Someone who gives working designs and let us worry about writing and "slightly dressing up" our blog.

I paid for the "upscale" typepad account; I still couldn't look at the template. Change it yes, using their tools.. but look at it to figure out a problem? not happening.

Wordpress, too. It limits you a lot on what you can do.

And all of a sudden, I felt I was being treated like a child: "they" knew better what I needed on my blog and would make sure I didn't mess anything up.

That feeling alone kept me at blogger. but I haven't completely given up my wordpress account. And a limited time blog for my guild was set up on wordpress.

But to answer your question... Blogger was down almost all day Monday. Hopefully the server servicing keeps things together for a while.
I have done both Movable Type and WordPress installs/customizations, and I have to say that importing a Blogger blog to MT and then changing the look of it over and over and over has been pretty easy - and I'm not a huge techie. I love the control, I love the availability of plugins, and I love how many great tutorials there are for all the basics.

Customizing WordPress, on the other hand, made me want to dig my eyes out with a screwdriver. It is not friendly.
Thanks all. And thanks Skye for the most, um, vivid response ;)
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