Friday, March 31, 2006

This blog is quoted in the Atlanta Business Chronicle...

...but it's a good thing they didn't dig into the comments.

Thanks to blogging Diva Toby Bloomberg for alerting me to the prominent quote from Worker Bees in this week's Atlanta Business Chronicle.

It's a story on business blogging, and it lists excerpts from blogs talking about Atlanta-based companies.

It quotes this post of mine, written over a year ago. As you can see the chosen excerpt is pretty positive. They didn't excerpt the part where I called Earthlink "wimpy' because at the time they didn't have comments enabled.

And they also obviously didn't notice the lengthy comment on the post from someone who signs themselves as an "Unhappy Earthlink Customer."

I have actually gotten emails form unhappy earthlink customers too. They must Google find my post and think I can do something abour it!

Not so Unhappy Earthlinkers, not so.

Anyway, thanks to Toby for pointing it out to me and sending me the file...since they never called me but just pulled the quote from my blog i would never have otherwise known it existed!

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