Friday, March 17, 2006

SXSW Recap: Bloggersin Love

This was a charming panel about couples who blog, moderated by Lisa Williams, put together by Julie Leung and featuring Chris Pirillo and Ponzi Inharasophang, Jeneane and George Sessum, and Heather Champ and Derek Powazek.

I confess I cam in about half-way through, so I missed any set-up or context, but I ejoyed what I was there for.

As always when you get more than a couple of bloggers together in one place talking about it I am reminded that blogging is not just about the tool, the is about the opportunity to communicate. And the opportunity to preserve our stories.

Some tidbits uttered by the Bloggers in Love that I really appreciated:

Derek: If you don't respect your friends (either by sharing confidential info or by publishing unflattering photos) you will have a compelling and interesting blog...for a very short time.

Chris: Hate mail usually is about projection.

Lisa: Online relationships are "real", the feelings are real.

Chris: Here's a challenge! Write 100 things you love about your partner. It's easier to enumerate what bugs you. He did it and blogged it.

Heather: Part of our relationship existed online.

Derek told a story about breaking it to Heather that he had shared a story about their dating with his email lsit...of over 100 people. When she didn't freak out he knew it had a future!

Jory shared from the audience: she's in a mixed relatinpship. One blogs, one doesn't. (He obviously doesn't.) Derek told her that actually that gave her BF more power, bcause he always had more insight into what Jory was thinking! She had never thought of it that way.

Chris: Ponzi occasionally threatens: "I'm blogging that!" And Chris gave a shout-out to BlogHer '05 for helping Ponzi a lot.(So he didn't have to.)

We had two blog-based he-said/she-said moments. The first was in the audience when it was Marc vs. Lisa Canter over something she blogged about, no surprise, money. (Check our BlogHer survey results that revealed that money is the most taboo subject according to most bloggers.

Then there is a Ponzi/Chris incident that is infamous. On vacation she blogged about he was married to his computer, and she felt alone and abandoned. From Ponzi's perspective just telling Chris did no good, and she was better able to express it in written form. From Chris' perspective it was embarrassing and if she wanted to write it down she could have sent him and email. Much love to Ponzi, but I gotta say I tend to agree with Chris on this. However, not being there and knowin perhaps it really was only PUBLIC humiliation that broke through.

Audience member Tara amusingly called herself and her PiC Chris Messina "Couple 2.0." Very cute.

I commented at the very end that I often wished that my S.O. linked to me or blogged more about his personal thoughts, or that he even read more of what I blog. It's a connection, and I think these couples are lucky to have it. Some day they (and some day further on their children) will be really glad to have a record of their love and affection (and occasional spats, even.)

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