Thursday, March 09, 2006

Chris Carfi highlights why BlogHer is not passe...yet again

And how much do you wanna bet he gets more attention for doing so?

Here's his post.

What's he pointing out?

That in a roster of 113 speakers, women number only 12 at the currently ongoing O'Reilly etech Conference.

Comopare that with the 120 or so speaking at SXSW this coming week (out of about 300 or so according to organizer Hugh Forrest.)

10% vs. almost 40%

What I love is Chris asking people to ask themselves this:

Here's what I propose: next time you choose to invest your time in going to a conference, think about what that investment of time is getting you on the following scales:

I guess first people have to buy in to the fact that insularity and lack of diversity of perspective actually has a cost or negative impact.

And here's what I say: if you want to build a product or service that is a niche, early adopter product or service, and if you want to get cred for that and props for that, and that will put food on your table and shoes on your feet...then nah, stay in your insular world. But if you want to actually build or make something that people outside the circle of people you already know might possibly buy and love? Then start to venture outside your circle.

And Stowe distills it simply down into a dozen words:

UNIVERSAL CONFERENCE LAW #1: "At all important conferences, women make up at least 1/3 of the attendees."

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