Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where in the world is the Queen Bee?

Is it Blogger Burnout? A strange case of the nothing-to-says?

No, unfortunately, more a strange case of the girl who usually never gets sick getting sick twice this year already.

Of course that alone could be considered a side effect of Blogger Burnout. But I don't think so. My mind is teeming with things to say. I have dozens of interesting sites and blogs bookmarked waiting to be explored and discussed. All my body wants to do, regrettably, is lie down and whimper pitifully.

Of course we Worker Bees actually have work to do outside the boundaries of this blog, and that has had to take priority since last week. Today I'm trying to get back in the swing, blog-wise, but it's already 4:20PM...so I'm not doing too well.

Ah well. Just wanted to raise my head and say "present...just barely."

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