Monday, February 13, 2006

Meant to point you to the HP Charity Auction: Bad Blogger, no biscuit

Blog buddy Susan Getgood very kindly points to our Browster Valentine's Day contest today, thus reminding me that I've been a bad blogger and have not pointed to her latest good cause: the HP Charity Auction.

Especially bad because I actually went and checked out the auction (benefiting Habitat for Humanity) and dreamed of buying the photo of Rufus Wainwright or The Police. (Each winning bid comes with a $279 HP PhotoSmart printer, so some of these are even more of a bargain!)

So I'm rectifying this egregious neglect by not only blogging about it now, but by actually placing a bid on good old Rufus!

Because I need not only his autographed photo, but a Rufus Wainwright-autographed printer! (Seriously it says that!)

I feel I have now properly atoned for my bad blogger-dom.

Thank you.

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