Saturday, January 28, 2006

What a difference a dollar makes!

Took a commuter flight to L.A. last night on American Airlines. American started charging for little box meals in coach some time ago, but last night I was introduced to a new policy: soda and juice cost a buck. And no pretzels for you without paying that buck.

Gold Aadvantage members and higher got one complimentary beverage, but only one y'hear?

Well, it was amazing how many glasses of water were poured. Seems that no one really needed a soda that badly. A dollar is practically nothing. Buying a soda in the airport would likely cost more, but it obviously stuck in every craw.

Including the flight attendants. She surreiptiously gave more thn one beverage away. She was rather free with the pretzels. And most significantly she was talking about the policy with passengers, including the fact that she bet they would change it back because passengers were so annoyed by it.

Sounds like a rash policy decision decreed feom on high without taking the time to get employees trained and on board with it. Silly airline.

So, what's next? A dollar to use a pillow or blanket? How about 25 cents to listen to music? Or better yet - they charge you to use the bathroom!

~Maria Palma
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