Friday, January 20, 2006

Vision Monthly: A new printable e-zine is coming

My blog buddy Ethan Johnson from The Vision Thing has unveiled his plans to produce a monthly e-zine, which will also be easily printed.

You may notice an intriguing article title in his mock-up of the cover of the inaugural edition: "From idea to sold-out conference in 150 days." That would be an article by yours truly about how we put BlogHer together in a short time frame, even as we were committed to a collaborative, community-based project management and decision-making style.

It probably won't be out for another month or so, but I've subscribed, so I can get an early look at Ethan's handiwork.

February 1, to be exact. I have to send you the latest draft proof of your article (tonight sometime).

Thanks for subscribing and the linkage!
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