Tuesday, January 24, 2006

UPDATE: Bloglines goes Frenchy-pretentious

OK. This is very amusing and odd.

First of all, unlike most sites Bloglines doesn't seem to be able to tell you're the same person if you use a different browser. I actually like this, because I can be logged in as my business self via Firefox, which I do daily. And I can still be logged in as my BlogHer self via Safari...which I also do daily.

Most sites don't let you be tricky like that...which leads to much logging out and logging in.

Somehow, though, Bloglines has decided that my BlogHer self is French. (Sort of like when that Wall Street journal guy famously wrote that his TiVo thought he was gay.)

The site is in French. All French.

Now, I can figure out how to do my basic functions, mostly adding to blogs to the BlogHerRoll.

But I can't figure out how to change it back to English. (Let alone why it went all Frenchy-pretentious to begin with.)

For now, it's amusing. Eventually it may get annoying. So, I wouldn't mind some help...

UPDATE: Susan Getgood suggested I find my Account Settings and change the language to English. Sounds reasonable. And even though the links are in French, when I roll my mouse over it, the URL that shows up is easily understood. So, I found my settings. And the 'Langue' was set to 'Anglais.'

Mon dieu!

Mine goes funny like that every once in a while. Normally if I click on the Bloglines in the upper left and then click English on the "Choose your language", everything gets put back in working order.
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