Friday, January 06, 2006

Encouraging diversity takes more than complaining... takes offering up positive suggestions about how to fill in those missing links.

And more and more women are catching on. Cases in point:

Rachel from Fishbowl NY notes that her very own MediaBistro colleagues asked exactly NO women to make predictions for 2006. None. So, she complains, and then she gathers predictions from women in the field herself. (Hat tip: Nichelle.)

Susan Mernit notes, with no little measure of snark, that O'Reilly Conferences remain in the Dark Ages with their conference on emerging telephony featuring NO women speakers. None. But then Susan also sez: here's about 4 qualified women in the field she can name off the top of her head...they were unavailable, right?

And of course I didn't just complain about Richard Wuhrman's appalling lack of women speakers at his entertainment gathering, I gave him my recommendations for 3 women that would rock his conference.

So ladies, let's start getting specific. We know the competent chicas, let's toot their horns.

(And that goes for anyone out there who is looking at the diversity issue from another angle...give 'em the names, ranks and serial numbers.)

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