Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cross-post: Review of Jeremy Wright's Blog Marketing

I post all my reviews of everything I do, read, hear, see on my personal blog, so even though I know that Blog Marketing is of most interest to my Worker Bees readers, the actual review resides here.

Key excerpt:
This is the second book I've read that has purported to be about how to use blogs as a revolutionary new marketing tool. In both cases, as a marketing person, I felt the books would have benefitted from a more accurate title. If you are looking to understand blogs as a general business tool, and to get high level information on all the various ways they can streamline and modernize your business, then this book will be helpful. If you were looking for an in-depth look at how to craft a blog marketing strategy that integrates with your company's existing marketing strategy, and then how to build a tactical plan, and then how to set yourself up to be able to measure how successfully you're executing to plan...then I have yet to read the book that provides that information.

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