Thursday, January 05, 2006

Content borrowing on message boards...would quotation marks kill these people?

This is not as serious a problem as content theft on blogs, but today alone I found two different message boards where someone does, indeed, link to a post on my personal blog, but then proceeds to excerpt multiple paragraphs from the post, without really noting that the text is an excerpt. If one didn't click through to my blog you'd assume the content in question is the poster's commentary on my blog, not content from the blog. [I actually think it's the same person on each board because the excerpts and added comments are exactly the same.]

Anyway, all I'm asking is whether some quotation marks would kill these people.

Oddly enough, blog plagiarism was a problem long before blogs even came to exist. Like blogs, they offer "one click" publishing, built in communities and a ton of other features that are appealing to the types of people that would steal content. Generally, the people that take the time to build up a site from the ground up will also take the time to write their own content.

Anyway, blog plagiarism has stolen a lot of the content theft spotlight lately but forum plagiarism is still alive and well and, for some types of content, even more common.

Try running a poetry site, you'll see what I mean.
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