Thursday, January 05, 2006

Client launches Open Design Program

Ever wanted to feel like you have a real impact on the development of some web-based app? You know, you use these apps every day, but unless you're a programmer yourself you can't really have major impact, even on Open Source projects.

Client Browster wants to change that. They have launched a new Open Design Program, created to be an ongoing program that solicits and rewards user input and ideas for product design and interface.

And the rewards are pretty, iPods etc...did I mention cash? They are going to give $10K away per quarter to the 3 users who submit the best ideas (as voted on by other users and the developers.)

Here's a link to the press release.

Here's a link to the CEO's post on the Browster blog about it.

They're also going to hold an onsite Open Design day at their offices in San Francisco in February. If you're interested let me know.

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