Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bloglines Saga est fini

Thanks, once again, to Susan Getgood, who was even more obsessed about my Frenchy-pretentious Bloglines problem than I was, the problem is no officially solved.

You might think that you should go to the Account Settings page and choose your language there in the menu item entitled "Language." But that would be oh so silly of you.

No, you must click on the 'Languages' link in the navigation at the bottom of each page (or 'Langue' as I was seeing), and that will let you really change your language.

Mais bien sur! Je ne sais pas pourquoi je n'ai pas penser de ca!

De rien.

Enfin, je suis une "geek" meme si je ne veux pas l'admettre (et pardonnez-moi,je ne sais pas le mot francais pour geek... est-ce il y 'en a?)
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