Monday, January 30, 2006

The BlogHer Site is Live, Baby!!!

Check it out!

You'll find a new network of (mostly) women bloggers...and you'll be guided to the hot posts of the day in a couple of dozen topic areas by a group of amazing contributing editors. One thing I love about our site and our approach, if I do say so myself, is that we are sending traffic away to the women bloggers on their own blogging turf. If one point of our BlogHer Mission is to provide exposure to women bloggers, then we have to be willing to give up the eyeballs, and hope they'll keep coming back to find other fabulous blogs to read.

Here's the link to BlogHer Con '06 info, which is where I'll be doing most of my on-site blogging.

So check it out, really.

And let's not forget that major kudos go to my BlogHer partner, Lisa Stone, who has spearheaded the site project, and to our BlogHer Advisory Board member Laura Scott for doing the heavy design and coding lifting.

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