Thursday, December 01, 2005

Susan Mernit mis-quoted in her own comments section!

Susan writes a post about the recent SF Weekly profile of Craig Newmark.

Susan praises the article, but says it should be of interest to anyone interested in the role of media, since women are compeltely absent from the article. Here let me quote her:

"...a must read for anyone interest [sic] in [snip] and--surprise!--the role of women in new media--as in why are they missing in action in a 10,000 word story like this one?

Yep, one interesting side note here, not the focus of this terrific story--is that every single person mentioned or quoted in it--except for Craig's unnamed girlfriend--is male.

(Susan sez: And what do you make of that? Anyone still wondering why Blogher was so special? I smell the new boys club... or unthinking writers...)

So can anyone tell me why the journalist who wrote the column makes the following comment:

"Sadly, you are right. Few media critics and leaders of the citizen journalism movement are women."


Go ahead, read Susan's post yourself. Tell me where she said such a thing for this reporter to "agree" with?

There's a name for that kind of sneakiness. It's not the old "straw man argument", but there has got to be a name for saying, "Oh, you're so right that xxx" when the person never said that at all.


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