Friday, December 02, 2005

Not offended by the Geek Gorgeous Calendar...just some people's comments about it


"Come on …. what are the odds they work in Technology… despite what their bio says!"

Gee thanks, Om. Now we know that you really don't think a smart geeky woman can be attractive. Or is it that you don't think an attractive woman would want to use her brains? Not sure.

The Calendar itself? Doesn't bother me. Free country. Bodies are nothing to be ashamed of. Bring on the male Geek Gorgeous version etc. etc. etc.

The Calendar exhibits a sense of humor about its subject. Om, who I'm sure was also trying to be funny, misses the mark with this Geek Girl! (No claims to be gorgeous, sorry.)

Sigh...yes...this is what really bothers me about the whole tech industry. There is a whole image issue that affects women AND men negatively.

Since when can't you be hot/sexy/etc. and smart all at once?
Apparently since that would make ther rest of us mere mortals feel very jealous :)
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