Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New to blog roll: Presentation Zen

I have been enjoying the blog Presentation Zen for a few weeks now.

Yesterday blogger Garr Reynolds blogged about Harold Pinter's Nobel acceptance speech and how his words about playwrighting related to presentations, and then moved on to work in the Apple 1984 commercial.

Each of Garr's posts is similarly complex, but clearly articulated. And he knows a thing or too about good presentation techniques too.

The above post explains pretty well why we banned PowerPoints at this year's BlogHer. Best decision we ever made.

Key excerpt:

"The "death-by-PowerPoint" approach treats the audience as if they were drones. And if not drones already, at least the presenter can hope with this approach that with enough didactic pitching of data, and ambiguous and superfluous visual material, the audience will become drone-like. In this presentation approach, you subdue the audience, beat them to death. Then in the end when there are few objections, you say that you are successful. You say that your audience got it. Understood it. And agree with it. Look, no objections!"


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